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Avery Sun
Thanks for the candle

Smelled just like badussy

Lucas M
Charli XCX

Cinnamon is the first thing I get, as it is heavy on the spices and floral notes like an autumn themed candle, but there's something else too (perhaps the Bussy?) that blends all the smells together making it hard to distinguish. Its like a Lush, but if they had a back room that was completely covered in Vaseline. It's like walking into the bathroom after someone has showered using an almond and shea butter body wash and the floor is wet. It's like living right next door to a bakery that only sells one very specific type of pastry. It taught me how to tongue pop. It will ride me if I want levee style. It makes me say um yes queen versace boots the house down slay queen hunty mama daddy work charli xcx snatch my wig. It's both incredibly confusing and also smells exactly like any other candle.

Happy Pride.

Vixtoria CoxXx

Does it smell like truffle butter?

Also, did anyone check up on James C. Did the library go up pretty quick?

Kevin S
Smells good tastes bad

Ever since my BF died from drug overdose I have missed the taste of ripe bussy, this candle does smell natural and I do like that, but the wax itself does not taste like bussy, it tastes like fucking candle wax which I am not nearly as pleased with.

Gabby D
My Favorite Candle

Even though my son burned his hand really bad with the flame the aroma made it infinitely better with the sweet sweet smell of this amazing bussy candle!