A Gift They'll Remember

Whether you're welcoming friends (with or without benefits) into your home or taking some much-needed R&R, the familiar warm embrace of Bussy is just a lit wick away. It's exactly like what it sounds like, butt nothing like what you'd expect.

Is this real?

Yes. The way we see it, if there's a candle that smells like Vagina, we think it's high time there's a candle that smells like Bussy. People often ask; "what does it smell like?" Well, it smells like Bussy, duh. But not just any Bussy, this is Bussy perfected, Bussy as it should be. Truly exquisite Bussy. So, no, it doesn't smell "bad." This is actually a scent you will enjoy.

$2 from Every Order is Donated

We proudly donate $2 from every order to The Trevor Project, a non-profit focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth. 

Hand Poured, Small Batch

We've worked to craft a distinct blend of essential oils and compounds to emulate what we think the perfect Bussy smells like. We've chosen an ultra clean burning Gold Medal Soy Wax which burns clean and absorbs fragrance beautifully. We pour every single candle by hand and blend our candles in small batches in Atlanta.

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